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In June of 1990, the Brewster Police Department went online with crimeTRACK from MICROsystems. The system has increased the efficiency of the administration and management of all phases of our Department. We can now address areas which previously we knew were problems, but could not document or analyze without a great deal of time and manpower. It has definitely increased the productivity and reporting processes within the department.

We find the Master Name Data Base invaluable. Since the Orleans and Harwich Police Departments utilize crimeTRACK, we were able to increase our resources threefold.

MICROsystems also helped us develop a program for scheduling all department personnel. This has allowed us to project manpower for vacations and shift coverage a year in advance.

Sincerely yours,

James R. Ehrhart
Chief of Police
Brewster, MA. Police Department

As we approach our first year with crimeTRACK, I though I would drop you a note to let you know how we are doing.

In a word, great! crimeTRACK has reduced our paper burden, allowed multiple agency dispatching, provided almost instant access to our data, allows for concise management reports, and in general life is much more simplified. While crimeTRACK is certainly responsible for all of these changes, and more, the dedication of Jerry and Jon in providing support are what creates the "glue".

crimeTRACK is like a living item that continues to grow and evolve. We look forward to that growth and hopefully we can help as well.

An old adage comes to mind. If you are going to do something, do it right the first time. MICROsystems has done it right the first time.

We thank you for that.


Douglass S. Hoyt
Chief of Police
Montpelier VT. Police Department

I spent almost ten years checking out computer software packages for police departments. During this search I looked at numerous packages and was not overly impressed with any of them, except crimeTRACK. Many packages offered one or two features that were desirable, however none offered a comprehensive, flexible and easy to use package like yours. Not only did crimeTRACK do all the important tasks that I needed in a software package, it continues to evolve as a result of the user input which you encourage.

Before selecting MICROsystems as both our computer hardware and software supplier, I was further impressed by your invitation to one of the user group meetings where you asked existing users to openly discuss any problems that they were having with the product or the service. I have never heard of a company doing this. The comments by your current users about the excellent software and service convinced me.

Now, going on our third year with MICROsystems, I can only say that I am pleased with the choices that I have made. As I have offered in the past and continue to offer, if any police department wishes to spend some time examining an excellent software package just have them call me and I will gladly set aside some time to show them crimeTRACK in operation.


Detective Lieutenant W.C. Miller
Commander Criminal Investigation Bureau,
NH. Police Department