Personnel Time Manager

   1. Auto create weekly payroll
   2. Bank sick, vacation and comp time
   3. User definable time card codes and categories
   4. Current History accumulation
   5. Reporting:
       A. Weekly pay reports
       B. Historical Data
           1. Time card codes
           2. Date range by category
           3. Officer time card history
       C. Budget line item by account
       D. Print subtotals and totals
       E. Archive prior years for comparison
       F. Generate federal report numbers

   1. Quick set-up
   2. No pre-entry of data
   3. Schedule complex rotations, to 20 days
   4. Summary/detailed schedules on demand
       A. infinite time range projections
       B. by Rank level
       C. Optional days off listing
       D. Project future scheduling of:
           1. vacations
           2. leave
           3. court time
           4. training