crimeTRACK runtime/License agreement/Unix OS

Computer Aided Dispatch
Call Stacking
Call Priority
Activity Reports/Summaries
Personnel Maintenance
Roster Maintenance
Business/Residence Listings

Log Entry/Incident Reports
Daily log reports
Time Stamping
Incident Card Generation
Activity Reports/Summaries
Personnel Maintenance
Roster Maintenance

Automated Booking
Master Name File
License To Carry File
Fingerprint File
Arrest History
Defendant History
Complainant History
Victim History
Witness History
Suspect History
Booking Sheet/Multi-lingual
Court Disposition

Case Management
Officer Reporting
Incident Report-Log Interface
Master Name File Interface
Master Property File
Recovered Property
detail Inventory Listing
Restraining Orders
warrant Management
Warrant History
Citation Management
NIBRS/Uniform Crime Reports
Reporting By GEO code
Accident Reporting
Accident Detail Summary
Incident Maintenance/Reports

Detective Case Management
Activity Log
Property Tracking
Chain of Evidence
Global Narrative Search
Solvability Factors
Report Status

Witness/Defendant Affidavit
Entry/Formal Print
99 per Incident
Linked To Master Name

Field Interview Cards
Master Name Link
Involvement/String Search any field for for potential suspect recall
Gang Member Tracking

Software Only
Minimize Data Keying with Portable and Fixed Bardcoding of Property, Evidence and Inventory

Drug Administration Manager
Black Book
Activity Log with Time Tracking
Surveillance Activity
Master Profile
Property/Evidence Tracking
Gang Member Tracking
String Search

Black Book
Organize, Coordinate and Cross Reference Fragmented Data, Names , Dates, Phone Numbers, Vehicle registration numbers

Mug Shot Interface

Electronic Fingerprint Interface
Dependent Upon release of technical specs

Master Name Link
Links Multiple Law Enforcement
Agencies for data sharing.
Autodial. Highly secured
Additional equipment required

LEAPS Interface
Dependent upon the release of technical specs

E-911 Interface to crimeTRACK
Provides an RS-232 interface module for connecting the NYNEX E-911 hardware to the dispatch workstations. The necessary software for windowing in crimeTRACK to accept the phone number, name, address, date and time will also be provided


Personnel Time Management
Officer Detail Billing
Officer Detail Management
Officer Training History
Officer LETN Audit/Tracking
Officer Overtime Management
Alarm reports/Alarm Billing
Parking Tickets/Auto Billing
Temporary Vacancy
Harbor Manager

Phone Index, Key File & On-Line Emergency Procedure Response

General Description
Health Hazards
Firefighting Techniques
Protective Clothing

Heavily secured/Auto Reply

Bulletin Board
Module allows data distribution for all officers simultaneously

Policies and Procedures
Organization, Management & Administration
Personnel Operations
Emergency Response Plans
Tactical Response Plans
Auditing and Security

Accommodates Most Shift Rotations. Auto. Scheduling. Windowing on Major Fields. Varied Reports. Conserve 15-20 Man-hrs. per week crimeTRACK Security

Court Calendar
Field Definable Dates
Hearings Pending by Individual
Court reports by Officer/Date/individual
Continuance Auto Updates

Inventory Management
Manage Inventory
Tracking and Maintenance

Budget Manager
Departmental Account Maintenance Analysis by Type/Accounting Period

Fleet Maintenance
Detail Maintenance, Mileage, Date
Vehicle Repair Codes
Repair Time Sheets
Cost Analysis Reports

Permit Tracking
Liquor Licensing
Taxi Licensing
Limo Licensing
Bicycle Licensing
Vendor Permits and others
Dog Licensing
Screens User Modifiable

Ambulance Billing
Run Sheets, Insurance Forms
Billing Codes, Aging,
Private Billing

Create screens, data files, reports

Report Writer
Create Reapportion Existing Data Files/User Definable

Multiple Fonts

Visualize and analyze your data
Unique municipality maps
Pinpoint your data by street, Census Tract, Block Group, Congressional Districts, and more.
Additional equipment required

Full Featured
Spellcheck with Thesaurus

crimeTRACK security with Windowing on all Major Files, Audits of all Major Transactions State/Federal Required Forms