The company was founded in 1979 to serve the private sector in engineering and management consulting, software training and support. With the assistance of public safety agencies, Microsystems perfected the design of the crimeTRACK programs. Focus groups were utilized to create an environment that incorporated the agencies' computerization requirements from a focused to a broad perspective. The system is modular to accommodate the largest and smallest departments and is limited only by available hardware storage. More than sixty Public Safety agencies are presently utilizing this comprehensive data management system.


With well over 60 years of combined computer experience in areas of software programming, hardware design, training and support, our technically solid staff has guided the automation of our clients from the installation phase to the operational phase making certain that the process is both thorough and expeditious. Our monthly crimeTRACK user meetings, monthly workshops and our 7x24 support is utilized by all Microsystems public safety agencies.

crimeTRACK offers:

  • B-tree assisted ISAM indexed files for efficient query capability and reporting.
  • String search Partial word/phrase queries are available.
  • Parameter tables and windows incorporate codes unique to Federal, State, and Municipal governments to reduce data keying and errors.
  • Auditing and security is featured in all sensitive fields, records and files.

Available crimeTRACK modules include:

  • Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Case Management
  • Arrest and Booking
  • Detective Case Management
  • Field Interview Cards
  • Black Book

plus 33
Administrative Modules





Additional Client Services (with support contract)

Verbal, Remote and On-site support for client owned

hardware and software: $75.00/hour Per Call, 1 hour minimum

Custom Programming:  $75.00/hour, 1 hour minimum

Travel:                        $75.00/hour, 1 hour minimum


Non Client Services:

Verbal, Remote and On-site support for non client owned

hardware and software: $250.00/hour Per Call, 1 hour minimum

Custom Programming: $250.00/hour, 1 hour minimum

Travel:                       $125.00/hour, 1 hour minimum